Mia (xradianteclipse) wrote,

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Building up, inside of me A place so dark, so cold

You know what... I hate love,
or is it I just miss it....
I feel so bitter and twisted on the inside,
I feel like i've got this stuff inside of me just making me more bitter by the minute.
I see people in town with their boyfirends/girlfriends and think just think Fuck!
I miss the feeling of lying in someones arms and not caring about anything else in that moment.
I'm just so scared to open up to anyone about anything even my friends, just for fear of rejection.
Whenever I have feelings for anyone there aways seems to be something stopping me from getting anywhere near them.
I suppose this has all come up from my parents always telling me i'm like my uncle.
So what the fuck do they mean by that? that when i'm 40 i'm going to be just as lonely as I feel now.
You know what why the fuck do we even live, all we do is reproduce, then grow old and die...
So, in the end do these feelings even matter??
That I do not know.
I'm just so confused!!!
I sincerely apologise for my emo-ness
I annoy myself sometimes
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